Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Define "Peaceful"

"Repent or perish..."

"Flee from the wrath to come..."

"Turn from your sin..."

"Fear him who has power to cast you into hell..."

These were the words that greeted the crowd prior to the start of this year's Seattle Pride on Sunday.  While this group of Christians did lead a non-violent protest (and I've certainly heard worse), can you imagine?

Imagine how disappointing it must have been to show up for an event that celebrates people being who they are, without shame...  Only to be told first thing that you should fear, you should be ashamed and, of course, that you're going to hell.  These are not peaceful words.  They are filled with fear and rage, anger and discontent.  There is not an ounce of tolerance therein.  And even whispered quietly, it is almost too loud to bear.

One of my friends cried during the parade, but it wasn't because of that first religious group.  It was when she saw the groups of Christians marching in the parade.  This was not only a show of tolerance -- she felt loved and was moved to tears.

The next time that someone turns up the volume on their hate, please remember that love can be hard to hear over all that negativity.  It is quiet and peaceful.  Gentle, but persistent.  

Love is not loud.  But that does not make it less.

Special thanks to Jenn for inspiring me today.