Saturday, January 3, 2015

Better Than Nursing a Hangover

I know that Spring is a reasonable time to clean, to go through your closet and pack up all your cold-weather gear, unpacking the summery items like flip-flops and tank tops.  All I remember from this past Spring was that I was really busy and got very little done.  I kept meaning to do a bunch of household projects and snuck in a few here and there, but never a full scale attack on my to do list.  Granted, the shoulder/neck injury I was dealing with (lots of appointments between an ortho, chiro and physical therapist) made it impossible to do some of those things.

Earlier this week I hadn't been feeling too well, just run down and over the holidays, so I opted to stay in on New Year's Eve.  In years past, I would have regretted this decision.  This year, it led to me finally getting things checked off that damn list and to keep my original promise to myself about Pinterest:  only pin things that I might use and make sure to go back and use them or delete them every so often.
  • Bathroom shelves that have been sitting on the floor of bedroom for months, finally installed thanks to a Pinterest pin.  Using scotch (or painter's) tape, you mark where the holes are on the shelf (frame, etc), then put that strip of tape on the wall.  At this point you can check it with a level, then drill the holes.  Sets you up nice when you're afraid of drilling multiple holes and destroying your walls. 
  • Kitchen thoroughly scrubbed, even the stove top.
  • Curtain rod finally hung up in the living room (the curtain have been pinned up there for far too long) thanks to yet another Pinterest pin.  This was another fear-of-drilling episode for me, but Pinterest saved me...with Command hooks...
  • All laundry washed, dried and put away ON THE SAME DAY.  It's a freaking miracle.
  • Nail polishes culled for my niece (now I just have to ship them).
  • Made some Sonoma Chicken Salad because it kept popping up on Pinterest, too. 
  • And, finally, I asked a friend if she'd consider writing something for this wee blog.  She said yes, so you've got someone new to look forward to on LostGirls!
It was pretty fabulously productive for days I usually spend recovering from overindulging in drink.