About LostGirls:

We wanted to put together a site that combined some of the frivolous things we love.  Lifestyle magazines, Pinterest, shopping, product reviews, learning new things, exploring new places, etc.  We also wanted women everywhere to be able to relate to the content we post (you will have to let us know how we're doing).  If you think of anything we could do better or anything you wish we would add (content, widgets, etc.), please let us know by writing to DCLostGirl@Gmail.com. 

LostGirls owes a debt of gratitude to all the women in the lives of each LostGirls contributor.  Our grandmothers, mothers, stepmothers, aunts, girlfriends, friends, best friends and the occasional stranger on the Metro, admired quietly from a distance.  

Although LostGirls was conceived as a site for women who have recently moved to a new place and feel utterly lost, by the time the site was constructed and the first pieces had been written, it had become a place for anyone who has felt lost, whether in a new place or just in her own life. 

The LostGirls started with our Admin, Jess, but has continued to grow.  As individuals make contributions to the content of one of the LostGirls sites, their bios will be added.  Check back frequently to learn more about us.

About Jess:

Jess Abbott hails from the San Francisco Bay Area, but now lives in the Puget Sound Area.  Washington is the fourth state she's lived in as an adult.  Her original inspiration for the LostGirls site was to write about being a transplant in the DC Metro Area (which is chock full of transplants) and to create a site where women can help other women with that kind of transition.

About Mary:

Mary Leonardi-Cattolica is an American expat living in Genoa, Italy.  She is currently the craftiest member of the LostGirls team.  Mary was the first member of the LG editing team and is also a contributor to all four of the LostGirls sites.  You can also find Mary at Between the Mountains and the Sea.

About Meg:

Megan Young is a baker of sweet things, an anglophile who has come dangerously close to being banned from the UK and a musician in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She has been known to say things like, "I'm so crafty, I should be a witch."  Megan is the LostGirls resident music tastemaker, as well as a member of the LG editing team.

About Seth:

Seth Abbott isn't a girl.  He is a retired PhD scientist, history buff and cross-country skier who lives in the mountains of Utah and occasionally contributes writeups on nature, geography and plantlife because he thinks you deserve to have more than just photos his daughter took at random.


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