Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nothing a Lot

I have a lot to write about right now, it's just that none of it is appropriate for this blog.  Which is to say that only those who know me would find it compelling.  It's a sort of writer's block - everything else that I'm nervous about is getting in the way and there's so much of it that I need hours to write it all down.

Eh.  Maybe this is a chance to talk about journaling.  Sure, why not?

I very much admire those who keep a daily diary.  I've managed to do it now and again, even for months at a time, but looking back at my old journals I see gaps of days, weeks or months here and there.  I can't stress enough how wonderful it is to get all the crap out into a journal (or however you choose to remove those random thoughts from your writing/living path).  New worlds open up. Inspiration comes more frequently, more steadily.  If you get into enough of a habit, you find yourself scribbling things everywhere you go on any surface that is handy.  It's lovely.

So don't be like me and procrastinate to the point of blocking yourself when there is such an easy way of preventing it.  I know I've written about all of this before, but I'm feeling free to illustrate my point with live examples of my stupidity.  I have only myself to blame.  And Hell on Wheels.  I should never have started watching that on Netflix.

In other news...

I am leaving for Seattle soon, to visit friends and see how I feel about possibly moving there.  I'm excited, but it's tamped down by the stress I feel.  I know for a fact (having done this kind of move before) that it is a logistic nightmare.  A huge pain in the arse.  And the last two times I did this, I barely had any furniture.  Now I have almost enough for a one bedroom apartment and I don't want to get rid of any of it.  At least I've managed to pare down books, clothes, papers and such.  It's funny what you let go of, material-wise, after moving and losing things.  It certainly changes your perspective.  So here I am, stressed out on a gut-deep level about something I'm not even sure is going to work out.  Because I'm silly.


You will notice (soon if not now, I'm about to do it) that there is a new gadget up on LostGirls.  We are very excited to be part of a couple of BlogHer's Influencer programs.  The LostGirls Pinterest page has been selected to partake (and we're doing our best to keep it interesting for you anyway - anything sponsored will be noted as such).  And we are now part of the TV Influencer program, which means we have that lovely video ad at the top of our home page.

The BlogHer community is pretty amazing and I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of their NaBloPoMo (even when I haven't written a post, I go there to read everyone else's) groups.  I would love to eventually make it to one of their conferences, but for now I'm just happy to be involved with them in any way I can.  And all we LostGirls are interested to see what being a part of the Influencer programs will be like.

That said, if there is an ad type on the page that annoys you - please let us know!  We've already opted out of floating ads (because they drive all of us to distraction) and there is some flexibility with campaigns.  Cross your fingers and squeeze your thumbs, we're hoping this will be a great experience for everyone, not just ourselves.

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