Friday, June 7, 2013

Body Talk

I am really sad to see BlogHer's TV influencer program come to an end (which is why you don't see that widget up on our page anymore).  And y'all know we here at LostGirls are into their NaBloPoMo, but we missed the deadline for June signup by two days because of internet issues.  Still, all is not lost.  If you haven't already visited this amazing community of (mostly) female bloggers, run on over and check out the recent buzz on "fat talk."  

BlogHer sends out surveys (to those of us who sign up for them) that cover all kinds of craziness.  Last week's survey was about this type of negative body talk between women of all ages.  I missed out on the survey, but reading the post today I realized that I've certainly engaged in this type of back and forth with friends.  I also witnessed it between two new friends just the other day.  I stood there and watched these two lovely ladies talk about why one shouldn't be jealous of the other, which could have been very positive.  

Now I'm not saying that they were incredibly negative, and really they seemed to be enjoying themselves.  In fact, I felt the urge to join up and put the smack down on both of them with my own body issues.  But I wish I had thought to tell them each how gorgeous they are.  Not just because I want to stop this whole fat talk thing, but because I genuinely believe they are both amazing.  

So let me try to make up for it  here and now:

Dear Fabulous Girl 1

You are tall and lithe and you move with more grace than you know.  Also, we're all jealous of your hair.

Dear Fabulous Girl 2,

You have the perfect girl-shape and no matter how much you tell me that you look like crap each day, I think you look beautiful and I love that face of yours.

Now that LostGirls is back up and running, we have a favor to ask.  Go on your merry way today and keep in mind that the next time you hear someone engaging in "fat talk," it gives you the opportunity to tell them how much you admire them and why.  Instead of telling them that they should be grateful they're not you.  While we're at it, we should probably all have a sit down with ourselves (I know I need it) and make at least a short list of things we DO like about our own bodies.  And if you want a body-positive tool to help give you a lift, check out the coloring book to the left, Fat Ladies in Spaaaace.  Awesome.

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  1. i concur! stop being so negative ladies!! we're so badass! also...that coloring book is AWESOME!


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