Friday, May 23, 2014

Losing It and NaBloPoMo

So I decided not to sign up for NaBloPoMo via BlogHer for the months of April and May.  Which isn't to say that I don't desperately need to stick with writing regularly or that it isn't a great tool - it's actually been amazing to be a part of it.  Unfortunately, I failed to keep up with it in March due to training for a new job and a wealth of overtime.  Excuses, excuses, though - I simply couldn't keep up with everything the way I wanted to and it just gets harder the longer you leave things.

So instead of participating by putting my posts up there, I've been participating by continuing to read the posts that other bloggers put up on the site.  The diversity in writing styles and subjects is inspiring.  Many of these bloggers have supported me, even though LostGirls has been hit or miss with posting.

And because I know that it's only going to keep getting harder and my writing will continue to suffer the longer I wait, I will be signing up for June.  And doing everything I can to make it, and LostGirls, work.

In other news, I found myself thinking of a shop I wanted to go to today, then realized that it's several thousand miles away in Virginia.  I've now lived in the Seattle area for about a year and I still have flashes of other places I've lived.  And yet, I revel in the fact that I live here.  I don't recall having been happier anywhere else, yes, even in winter.

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