Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happy Birthday, Matt!

I am so very lucky to have the friends and family that I do.  Today, on my birthday, I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this blog, be it by writing a post, taking a picture, sharing an idea or helping me edit and revise my own work.

And I can't even fathom how to show my appreciation to all the awesome people who have already made my first birthday on the opposite coast magnificent (hyperbole is not enough!).  I've had friends and family in town (which is why I've been such a neglectful blogger lately, shame on me) and my Best Jess is still here, celebrating the actual day-of with me.  Over the last two weeks I've been to Monticello, Great Falls Park and the DC Botanic Gardens (and we're not done exploring yet).  I have Lost in DC drafts backed up, so there is much in your future.  

In fact, I've taken far too many pictures and will probably spend most of tomorrow editing, then get at least one post out tomorrow night.  My crochet has completely gone by the wayside, but I will pick it back up this weekend.  It would appear that there is also sewing in my future...that should be...interesting.  The basil, mint and blackberry plants are all still alive, so happy birthday to me on that (poor things).  Seth and I are working on our next Breaking Down Beauty post.  And my friend Ludka took some great pictures at our local LUSH store so we can share some newness with you that we're really excited about.

And now the thanks part that is probably only interesting if you actually know me:
For those of you who sent snail mail birthday wishes - you know I love it and I got some new stationery just for you.  A super huge thank you to Cristian and the crew for kicking off my actual birth-day with a phone call from the other coast at midnight - so great to hear all your voices again, but seriously - no Billy Joel serenade?!  Best Jess and I honored Cristian's awesome birthday surprise by sharing a  bottle of Chilean wine (do I have to return her to the West Coast?).  And much, much, much appreciation to my super creative, lovely, funky lady-family, The Youngs, who left birthday wish pictures in various places for me (often involving swearing, so delicate sensibilities beware).  And of course, I've received all kinds of gifts, from things to help me be crafty to fancy owl-y accessories and, of course, lovely bath products from LUSH.  A birthday without those just wouldn't do.

Happy Birthday to Kevin, my eternal birthday buddy.  Sorry, you're totally stuck with me. 

And Matt, I know it's not your birthday, like ever, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Go watch Titanic and think of me.  No, wait.  Don't.

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