Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Prompt for a Very Bad Day

I'm using a prompt from another day (courtesy of BlogHer) because it's the one I like and it's a bad day today.  On bad days, we must do what we can to make things better and that sometimes means bending or breaking the rules a bit.  Although I'd probably to that on a good day, too.

"Which sound is more satisfying for you: crunching leaves underfoot or bubble wrap popping?"

Crunching leaves underfoot wins hands down for me.  Bubble wrap popping is a satisfying activity/sound, but it does not remind me of my favorite season.  

The sound of fallen leaves under my booted feet reminds me that everything changes and everything withers and dies.  And that sounds awful, but I know that for new things to grow, something else has to give.  Autumn reminds me that nothing is set, so no matter how screwed up I might feel like my life is, things will change.  In other seasons I remind myself by just putting one foot ahead of the other.  During Fall, there's that extra crunch to reward me.

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  1. I don't know about satisfying, but I do agree with crunching leaves - autumn and the Halloween season are my favorite times of year. I love to photograph the colors, break out the sweaters and the mulled cider.. Crunching leaves definitely adds to the atmosphere!


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