Monday, February 10, 2014

Some Crafty Uncraftiness

It has been brought to our attention that most people who drop by the LostGirls site don't realize that we have a store. It's not anything as wickedly awesome as an Etsy page (though we do hope, in the future, to have something like that). But we have a good time adding a few of our favorite things to the store categories via Amazon. Our "aStore" can be found here. The main page is devoted to anything we've recently written about, but there are many other categories to explore.

The LostGirls Music Mix corresponds (when possible) to our LostGirls Music board on Pinterest, which is an ongoing collaboration between Meg and Jess.

Travel (which really needs a more adventurous name) includes all of the travel products we can't live without, and a few we simply wish for.  I'll be adding a lot to this one in preparation for my Spring trip to Italy.

Get Your Read On is a really reigned-in version of our favorite books and our recent reads. The following are the newest additions, which started this whole conversation about the visibility of the LostGirls aStore:

The BUST DIY Guide to Life - It really doesn't get more hipster than this. I'm going to buy it anyway.  But then I'd buy anything that Debbie Stoller (of Stitch'N Bitch) contributes to.

And then there's Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People by Amy Sedaris - For those of you who are not necessarily into crafting but could use yet another fabulous coffee table book from the fabulous and equally hilarious sister of author David Sedaris.  

So now you know - we have a store.  An aStore, to be precise.  It's never actually brought us any revenue, but it's fun to work with and we're working on making it more savvy.  The good news is that it is no different for you than a normal visit to the Amazon site.  No pop-ups or those annoying floating ads.  And if you want to see different content on there, all you need do is ask.  Enjoy!

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