Friday, June 15, 2012

An Inappropriate Time To Be Silly

I'm going to lay some advice on you right now.  Let me clarify that this is advice that I have been given numerous times, but I seem to have a difficult time actually taking it.  Okay, here it is: 

Be your own advocate and kick butt doing it.  

All that time you spend looking out for your friends and family, giving them great advice and motivating them to take care of themselves?  Apply it to yourself, dammit.  You are most definitely worth it.

Don't wait till that medicine for your migraines that you didn't want prescribed to you gives you tremors while not actually helping your migraine symptoms and the side effects scare the heck out of both you and your houseguest.  When the doc gives you a choice between a new medicine that your health insurance would prefer you take and the one that you know works, take the stuff that you know won't turn you into a wobbly wreck.  But if you do end up getting the prescription you didn't really want (because you're a sucker), do yourself a favor and don't let the pharmacy tech intimidate you into not speaking to a pharmacist about the medicine you've never taken before just because she's lazy or mean or mental - whatever the case may be.  Because that's just silly.  And if you're going to be silly, let it not be in a way that makes you feel utterly horrible for several hours while sending your blood pressure shooting through the roof.  Yes?

I speak from personal experience.  

Today was a mighty rough day and I can't change that, but I am going to do my best to take my own advice - taking care of myself, standing up for myself, knowing my own worth and being silly in an appropriate way, for a change.  I hope you'll do the same, if you aren't already.

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