Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"Like Scrambled Eggs...But Notes"

Don't just sit there, watch this:

Meg put this video on our LostGirls Music pinboard on Pinterest and I finally got around to watching it today...and couldn't look away or stop smiling.  Well, at first I thought it was just something a little funky, but I trust the Meg and it paid off.

Okay, now go over to the left sidebar and click play on that MP3 widget:

If you haven't checked it out already, we've replaced the last rather crappy MP3 widget with one we have more control over.  It now features clips from the music mix in our store,  so saunter on over to the left sidebar (below the blogroll) and hit the play button.  You only have to hit play once to hear the mix and the price of each MP3 will come up for you, in case you're interested in downloading the whole song for yourself (if no price is listed, click through - a few of these, like Father John Misty, are currently free on Amazon).  If you like what you hear but aren't necessarily interested in buying, you can watch the videos for all of these songs (plus extras from some musicians and songs not available on Amazon that we love) on our pinboard.

Thanks for the sharing:  Meg, Revaz, NPR All Songs Considered and Colleen from Inspired to Share

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