Sunday, July 1, 2012

I've Got the...Zzzzzzzz

Before I say anything else - the power is back on at my house!  One exclamation point will have to do, I can't even begin to describe how excited, relieved and exhausted I am - the simultaneousness (not a word) of that is exhausting in and of itself.

A hell of a lot of people are not so lucky.  The Electric Outage Summary on Dominion Power's website (and Dominion is only one of three power companies attempting to restore power right now, across the Mid-Atlantic region) says that in Northern Virginia alone, there are still 212,582 people without power.  It has been almost 48 hours since Friday's storm took out the power. Which doesn't sound that long to me, but boy did it feel like a long freaking time!  And, of course, there were several deaths because of the storm and I fear there will be more because of the heat combined with no utilities.

I have more to ramble on about (my lack of disaster-preparedness for example), but right now I'm so tired from being constantly overheated or on the move that I'm about to fall asleep on my keyboard.

But before I go, a few thank yous:

Thank you to Ludka, Maria and Sari for letting me hang out in their air-conditioned apartment, feeding me, painting my arms with face paint and sending me home with lots of watermelon.

Thank you to Jessie for offering me an air-conditioned place to stay, if I needed it, and a place to go on the 4th of July no matter what.

Thank you to my family for checking up on me frequently (even in the middle of a business trip to Ireland!) and my mom and dad for giving me a bunch of great advice on how to survive the heat.

Thank you to the Youngs for keeping me entertained and sane.

And my apologies to my refrigerator.  I know you feel empty, but at least you're clean.  

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