Monday, July 9, 2012

NYC In a New York Color Minute Review on The Thinnest Skin

Beauty on a Budget: NYC Nail Polish

Target is always a great place to find good, inexpensive and fun beauty products.  Meg is always a good person to listen to about style and living on a budget.  Combine the two in a conversation about me hating hot pink nail polish and you get a surprise:


It turns out that there is a hot pink nail polish that I will actually wear (who knew?!).  And I have Meg and Target to thank for it.  But that's not all - I have completely fallen for the New York Color - In a New York Color Minute nail colors.  At $1.72 each (at Target), these seem too good to be true.  The biggest complaint about them from other reviewers seems to be that they're too thin, but I agree with one of the MakeupAlley reviewers, who said that it makes it easier to control.  [read more...]

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