Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Potato, Egg & Pickle on Uncrafty

It's All About the Pickles

I am not a fan of onions.  Bermuda, pearl, cipollini, vidalia, red, scallions - how I loathe them.  But as I learned to cook, I realized they were sometimes required for complex flavors that I loved, so I have learned to incorporate the occasional mellow-flavored into a meal (caramelized or chopped so fine they might as well have been juiced).  I still cannot imagine eating them raw and I do try to avoid them when I can (especially if they overpower a dish) and that is why, for a long time, I avoided potato salad.  

Potato salad purchased at a store is pretty much guaranteed to have onions in it (sometimes even red ones - my least favorite).  Most potato salad recipes call for at least scallions, if not two kinds of onion, and most people I know prefer to have onions in it because it adds a lot of flavor.

I am happy to say that I recently found a recipe online that, once converted by my anti-onionness, can now be proclaimed The Ultimate Onion Haters' Potato Salad.  [read more...]


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