Monday, May 21, 2012

Coming Soon to Loudoun on Lost in DC

I heart Sandy and Alamo Drafthouse Cinema.  If only they were both coming to DC.

I was just saying on LostGirls how my friends rock.  Well, today, my friend Sandy sent me a link to this good news: Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is coming to Loudoun County.  Our little taste of food and film madness will be in Ashburn (super close to me, thank you very much).  According to their Facebook page, they're hoping to be open for business here in early 2012.  [read more...]


  1. i laughed out loud. i'm still chuckling. oh god...i hate movie texters. i would LOVE that place!!

    1. Here is a great NY Times piece about it: Which is how I found out that they have a theater in Winchester, VA (! Will I drive over an hour west to visit one of their theaters? I just might.


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