Friday, May 4, 2012

Tweet Monster

This morning:  We now have a Twitter account!  I have no clue what I'm doing, but I will persevere.  To watch the madness, follow us @LostGirlsDC.

An hour later:  Still have no clue what I'm doing, but am starting to like this a little too much.

Later that day:  Right, so a few of us had discussed eventually getting a Twitter account, but we always hesitated because none of us really know how to use it (and we are still in our first month, so no big deal).  I promised myself that I would do lots of research and ask everyone I know who "microblogs" before signing up LostGirls for an account.

But then, while reading one of my favorite blogs, A Thought for Food, I could no longer wait.  I mean, check out that giveaway!  Do I want a 13-cup food processor?  Um...why would I not want that more than anything on earth?  Let's not be silly.  

And now, of course, a monster has been created.  All my fears of turning into someone like Dallas on Suburgatory may not have come true yet, but you see how there is a "yet" in that sentence?!

Will understanding hashtags and trending make me a bad person?  Will I start tweeting things irrelevant to the content on the LostGirls sites?  Will I pause in the middle of conversations with friends and family to tweet something funny I thought of, heard or said?  Will I insist on telling you all that when I figured out how to connect Twitter and Facebook I called a friend and sang my excitement to her voicemail?

Anything is possible now, you guys.

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