Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Question of Taste

I woke up today feeling mopey and fearing my ZooFari post (because that's what happens when you procrastinate).  I didn't want to look at my Twitter feed or edit photos or be responsible, I really just wanted to get back into bed with this guy:  

Instead I got online and found that my long lost friend Revaz had posted a link to the work of Jeannie L. Paske, an artist out of Portland, OR.  And then everything got better.  

This reminded me of when he posted a mix he'd put together (this was a few years ago) that included Sun Kil Moon, Bon Iver and a host of other musicians I'd never heard before.  I spent the following week visiting friends in Portland and writing up a storm, on a bench in their beautiful garden, while listening to that music and thanking my lucky stars that I know someone who wants to share what they love with other people.

You know, there are those people who jealously guard the beauty they discover, only unveiling that they found someone or something before you did, to prove just how cool they are.  It seems like such a shame.  What good does hoarding your beautiful discoveries away do?  Those people miss out on the absolute joy and giddiness that occurs when you share.

Every time our Meg calls me from the other coast to share something she's stumbled upon or that someone else has shared with her, I consider it a gift.  I love my friends.  I am constantly reminded of their generosity and what excellent taste they have, even if sometimes they mock me for not liking something they're into (I'm talking about you, Matt!).

In that spirit, here are a couple of things that were shared with me this week:


The Hunting Accident

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  1. i cannot get enough of "medicine" by ohdaughter. love!!


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