Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Day 10: Just In Case

(Here I am on Day 12 and I just realized I neglected to put up the Day 10 post that I prepared...ugh.)

I know there will be a writing prompt waiting for me on the BlogHer site, but it's late, I'm tired after a long day at work and not sleeping enough the night before and I just want to make sure that I actually get something decent posted in a timely manner.  So this is my backup post.  More than a sentence, though not a whole lot more...

I've been thinking a lot about the way I used to spend my days off from work.  I'd basically hermit it up.  Stay inside, in my pajamas, watching TV and eating too-large meals, most likely unbathed.  These days, if I don't take a shower first thing in the morning, it's because I'm planning on spending part of the day cleaning the house or rearranging furniture and I know that showering or taking a long bath afterward will be a wonderful reward.  

And if I don't go anywhere, it's because I'm trying not to spend too much money and I'm planning on doing something constructive at home, maybe even get crafty (or?).  Being happy at work and looking forward to being there has made quite a difference for me in my personal life.  And since I no longer work a desk job, I have more energy and can actually afford to be a little lazy when I'm not there.  Probably not as much as I am, but still.

As much as I enjoy the material in life, I value my day to day enjoyment of life in general more than the thrill of shopping or owning nice things.  I'm going to be grateful for this as long as it lasts.

(In case you're wondering, I was working then sleeping on Day 11, so I have nothing for that day - fail.)

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