Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 6: "How hard do you think you work?"

I think I know my limits and stay within them as much as possible.  I strive to be a good worker, to be valuable, and to make my team happy to have me around.  But I'm aware that there are times when you just need to slow the hell down before you do damage to yourself (which would render you utterly useless to everyone).  I'm sounding a bit clinical here, so I'm going to include something on zombies to make myself feel better:

Now that I've got that thought process out of the way...

Reserving energy during slow periods so that I can be back at 100% when I'm really needed is key, though there are times when I get so involved in a project that I forget all about that.   I also have a job that I love and I work with fabulous people, so most of the time there is such a flow that it seems effortless.

With the holidays, things have gotten a little more hectic, so that balance will be harder to find, I imagine.  I asked for advice from a coworker last week and she told me that she will sometimes set a goal for herself at the start of a shifts.  This is such excellent advice and so simple to do, it's a bit ridiculous of me to have not been doing it already.  I know, from being a bit socially awkward, that baby steps must be taken to overcome fears or make improvements.  Setting a goal for myself means that I can make it any size goal and I'm accountable to no one but myself for attaining it.  Unless I blab about it and my boss finds out, and then I fail to meet it...I'm just saying.  (A very unsarcastic thanks to K., by the way.)

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