Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 4: "Do you feel most comfortable being a leader, a follower, or a collaborator?"

 This will probably make a few people giggle, but I actually don't like being the leader.  If it's needed, I'll do it and I'll do my best, I'll even enjoy aspects of it.  But I would so much rather collaborate.  I thoroughly enjoy collaborating on posts for this blog, whether the other person is doing some of the writing, helping me edit or just brainstorming.  One-person brainstorming isn't nearly as fun and my friends and family really inspire me.

I'm at the bottom of the totem pole at my current job, but I never feel that way.  Virtually everyone I work with treats me like an old friend and a part of the team.  And even though I'm the oldest person in the store (by a long shot, in most cases), we're all hilarious degenerates, so age really doesn't matter.  No, really - we're all there to work, but we're also there to enjoy it and to be ourselves.  And we're lucky to work at a place that not only allows us to be ourselves, but encourages us to do so.  

I must admit, I'm not so good at following someone blindly.  Makes me a bit of a pain in the ass, I know.  But I like to have a say in what happens around me, I like to fully understand what is going on, I want to be aware of all the pieces moving.  And, most importantly, I want to help if there's some way that I can.  That said, I've never thought twice about doing anything I've been asked at my current job - that's what being part of a team is all about.  That is collaboration.  And I work with people who deserve my respect and give it in return, so why should I hesitate?  I feel very lucky.

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