Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 2: Procrastination

I started off the day ready to sink my teeth into this blogging exercise (NaBloPoMo, courtesy of BlogHer and the whole thing started for me right here).  Raring to go, if you will.  It's now evening and I've made Chrismukkah lists, paid bills, searched for work shoes online, re-sorted all of my hair accessories (I chopped more than half my hair off a few nights ago, so all the hair ties are going back into storage until they're useful again), read part of a book and just. didn't. write.  That's how it goes - it's so easy to procrastinate when there are just so many other things to do, so many distractions to get distracted by!

Which is why it is nice to read about other people's issues with procrastination, especially when those people are attempting to complete the same project you are.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading Project Marie's first NaBloPoMo post for this month tonight.  I had been reading through some of the posts on NaBloPoMo Soup and hers was the first one that went into the reality a lot of bloggers face, as Marie put it, "blog death by neglect."  I've had a few of those and do not wish to see LostGirls endure the same fate.  As far as followers, it's already suffered quite a bit, so NaBloPoMo makes even more sense to do this month - for myself, if no one else.  And even though I'm not joining the Soup for my first round, it was pretty cool to find something motivating on a stranger's site.  Sort of like unintentional moral support.  Which is one of the benefits of doing this kind of long-term writing exercise.

In any case, BlogHer's theme for December's NaBloPoMo is WORK.  Quite fitting considering that I interrupted my blogging to start a new job.  Now I can tell you all about that and keep on track with both of the things I love to do with my time.  I'm planning on doing the writing prompts from BlogHer for the next week and would love to read what everyone else thinks of the questions asked and my answers.  

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