Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day 13: Git'r Done

I wanted today to be a lazy day.  I slept in and grabbed my one cat, who thinks he's a human child, to snuggle with and my other cat got under the covers with us and it was real sweet and cute and then...

I suddenly remembered the long list of things I have to get done in the next two days.  I hate that.  I especially hate that my own procrastination is what got me into this mess.  I have so very many things to take care of.  And since it's Sunday, there are certain things I need to get done today because all the other things have to wait until everything is open again tomorrow.  You know, those things I should have done on Friday...

I have always been a fan of making lists.  It helps me get my thoughts in order and prioritize.  The problem is that I make lists all over the place, then don't know where I put them.  Luckily, Mary told me about Evernote (first selling point: it's free).  It is a huge step up from those sticky notes you put on your phone (at least they're in one place, but you always forget to look at them).  When I first checked out Evernote, I thought it might be a good tool.  What made me completely fall in love with it was the addition of Evernote Webclipper (also free).

Evernote allows me to store all my notes, lists, reminders, even screenshots of sites I want to go back to or things I want to add to the blog, in one place.  Then it automatically syncs to any device I want it to.  Since I'm not terribly fancy, I just have my computer and cell phone linked.  But for those of you who have multiple devices, Evernote will sync all of them for you.  So:

  • All of the digital data I add to Evernote is organized in one place
  • It is easily searchable
  • I can attach photos, links, audio and/or external files
  • With Webclipper, I can save shots of webpages (the links embedded) that I want to go back to later - which I prefer over a long list of links that don't give me enough information and thus I ignore that I copied them for myself and never look at them again
  • I can share all of these with other people from any device
Why, just the other day I made a to-do list for a friend who was stressed out (in much the same way I am today).  Once I was finished typing up her list, I took a photo with my cell phone of myself sticking my tongue out and attached it to the note, then forwarded it to her phone for her absolute enjoyment.

Evernote Webclipper is the only extra that I've used so far, but Evernote offers several more, like Evernote Hello, Skitch and Evernote Food (which I have a feeling Mary and I are going to be using and sharing quite a bit on very soon).  And if you're already using Dropbox and don't see why you should switch, my question is why not use both?  They are both great tools and serve slightly different purposes.  Since they're both free, you can have ALL THE THINGS.


  1. My husband keeps stealing my notepads or my son doodles on my to do lists and most of the time I just right them on any paper which is usually the back of an envelope and then I lose it and then there's always the search for a working pen and my list is never where I need it and...
    The words THANK YOU! do not seem to be enough if this does what I am hoping it does. But, I'll say it anyway, thanks for sharing (free is my favorite price)

    1. I hope it works for you! I'm planning on eventually reading the how-to section so I can maximize my usage. But I'm really lazy. At least it's user-friendly so far.

    2. I've been introduced to another great tool, but this time it's one that will keep me from buying magazines (a very expensive habit to have). That post will be up by the end of the day!


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