Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 22: So THAT'S Why I Get So Much Spam...

Dontcha just hate it when you name something and then, only after it's fully established, realize that it has connotations you really don't want to be associated with?  I imagine it's something like putting that name you've been pondering on your newborn's birth certificate...the one where you combine a favorite female literary character and the Greek goddess of love...then saying it out loud for the first time and realizing...
 + =

What I'm trying to say is that I did not name this site after a novel that eroticizes childhood literary characters.  LostGirls isn't meant to contain any adult content, which is why I'm not even linking to the aforementioned book (the books listed at the beginning of this post range from travel memoir to true crime).  And while I also did not name it after the fabulous Syfy series, Lost Girl, (the person who told me about the show Lost Girl thought it was funny that my site has a similar name and I'd never seen it - Deb, it's your fault I'm now addicted), I'd mind that connection a lot less than one that gets my emails automatically sent to my friends' spam folders and seems to encourage spammers of a certain persuasion to attempt to contact me.  So let that be a lesson to you all - before you finalize the name, Google it.
Since we're on the subject, the name "LostGirls" was inspired by the Lost Boys in J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan.  When I was little, I thought of them as a group of misfits who found family in each other.  Of course, I know that's not the whole story now, but I still like that idea.  I wanted LostGirls to be a place for women to belong, regardless of who or what or where we are.  To quote Meg's mom, Kath: "I think a hard lesson to learn is – blood doesn’t make you family – kindness, respect and love do."
Not Erotica.  Erotica does not make you family.  Just so we're clear.

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