Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 7: Waiting to be Inspired

Late last night...

I am attempting to ensure a daily post for NaBloPoMo by starting my next day's post as soon as the daily is published.  But, of course, I have no clue what to write about now and am rather tired.  So I'm just typing away and hoping something comes to me.  Of course, I have part of tomorrow to think of something and write it up.  And after two days of fairly long posts, I'm ready to write a short and sweet one.  Meg and I have discussed this before - a lot of people simply don't have the time to read a long post, but they will pause long enough to read a couple of paragraphs.  I hope that at least the post on How to Be a Woman will be read, because I was quite fond of it.  I haven't enjoyed writing anything quite that much in a long while.  And I don't know when I'll be that inspired again (one can only hope).

And today...

So far, NaBloPoMo seems to be going well for me.  I think making it official (posting on the January NaBloPoMo Soup) was a good call.  I'm now part of that community and have both their support and an obligation to support them.  That's a good feeling on both counts.  Which reminds me, if you go to the BlogHer site for NaBloPoMo, you can read a lot of really terrific posts - please check it out.

Talking with Michelle of Bleeding Espresso (as well as Goat Berries and Gemelli Press) , Sara of SaraLynnPaige (you are of yourself, Sara) and Sonja of Porch Philosophy has really driven home how important the blogging community, in general, has become for me.  And when I say "talking," yes, I mean comments and e-mails exchanged.  But it doesn't feel less personal or less important.  We aren't just making small talk, we're discussing big things.  We're talking about what keeps us sane, motivated, creative, feeling like we're living the life we should be living.  None of us are shut-ins relying solely on internet pals.  It is wonderful to meet women who share your ideals and/or twisted sense of humor!  I've never met Michelle, Sonja or Sara in person, but I am very glad to know them in the way that I do.  And even if we never meet, I will be glad to have been inspired by every single one of them.

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