Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 21: To Whom It May Concern

Effing cover letters.  Can't stand 'em.  There are few things I loathe more than writing cover letters (writing my resume is right up there, also onions...and fish).

I can do technical writing, but form letters are not exactly my cup of tea.  And cover letters are supposed to have some form...and yet stand know, be uniform...but be unique...list some basics...but go into detail...but not too much...and no repetition from your resume...and know the company you're applying for...but know yourself, too...and oh my sweet lord shut the hell up.


You'd think that since I'm applying for a job that I'm just crazy for, it would be a bit easier.  Especially when the company actually wants people who think a bit differently (and doesn't that just sum me up?).  You'd think that with all the writing I do (on a daily basis, at this point), I'd be typing away happily and shooting off fabulously worded cover letters that knock the socks off every possible employer.

But all I can think is, that whatever I write, it won't be something they haven't read before.  How do you stand out to a company that has so many brilliant and interesting people already working there?  And I don't mean that I'm afraid I wouldn't stand out once there - I have confidence in my abilities once I have the job, it's all the preliminaries that freak me out.  It's both selling myself and having to do it in a specific way.  It feels inflexible, but like I still have to find a way to be creative.

Cover letters are the spawn of Satan.  I'm just saying.


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