Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 20: An Involuntary Collaboration

We have big news this week.  Meg continues to pursue musical awesomeness and has shared a song with us that she found on SoundCloud.  The song, Clutch by Casually Here, was instrumental.  Meg fell so in love with this song that she wrote a vocal melody and words to go along with it.

I want to let you guys know that Meg has come a long way, musically, in the past few years.  While she has always been talented and her voice has always been lovely, she is a very different singer than she was when I first got to know her.  She has made a lot of sacrifices in order to concentrate on music (and baking, we can't forget the baking).  I remember listening to a song she covered a few years ago and thinking that all the vocal talent was there, but I didn't see the Meg I know and love shining through.  Coming into your own voice is a big deal.  It means you no longer just sound technically correct, which may imply study and/or natural talent, but that you are no longer afraid to be yourself.  This requires not only a great love of what you're doing, but quite a bit of bravery.  It means you're not just hitting the notes effortlessly, you're infusing them with who you are.  And the bravery isn't only about facing a crowd (something I never quite got used to when I was playing music), but being willing to open yourself up in a very personal way and share that with the world.

Here is the post from her personal blog:
an involuntary collaboration.  i guess that’s what i’m calling it.  (thanks for your help jess!)  it’s not a remix.  i’m not “featured” because that would imply that i’d been an invited guest.  it’s not a real collaboration because i’m pretty sure nic nell (‘casually here’) would have to know that i exist for that word to be true; but i was inspired by his song and i did write a melody and lyrics for it and recorded it.  it was really difficult and fun and i want the opportunity to write and sing a million more times.  for real.  thanks nic nell, for writing something that inspired this girl to write for the first time.
Visit Meg's SoundCloud for her version of Clutch.

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