Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 8: Change is Afoot

I have an announcement to make.  I'm making it oh-fficial.  We are combining the four LostGirls blogs into one blog.  Home base will still be LostGirls, so for most people this won't be a huge deal.

With Mary writing a book, Meg writing a cookbook and me about to work two jobs, it just makes more sense to put all our creative randomness into one place.  The original concept was for Lost in DC, Uncrafty and The Thinnest Skin to be "sub-blogs."  But to have them fully-functioning, we needed to set them up separately because, hey, we're using free Blogger software here.  We had hoped that at some point we could move over to Wordpress and pay for webhosting and be all super-fancy, but Blogger really works for us.  It is fairly simple, user-friendly, allows us to be part of Amazon Affiliates and it's also where we've been since April 2012, when all this madness started.

The other three blogs will not be taken down, so you can still go to each one to read older posts.  And for those who either are or are not interested in one sub-blog or another, posts for those categories will include the original sub-blog's name in the title (i.e. Uncrafty: Someday I'm Actually Going to Complete a Project).

I would say that we're going to include some posts for The Black Thumb, but (1) it's too cold to grow anything here right now, and (2) I really do kill everything.

We will now continue with our regular programming.  Sort of.

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  1. Sounds like a plan!



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