Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day 1: January 2013 NaBloPoMo

On a day when most people are nursing a hangover, I woke up refreshed from NyQuil dreams (in other words, freaky but memorable).  But I'll tell you, I'd give anything to be at my friends' house on the West Coast drinking Mimosas and watching bad TV while half passed out on the couch, surrounded by all my friends doing likewise.  However, I'm on the opposite side of the states and can't take for granted that it's a new day.  A new year.  There are new opportunities just around the bend, should I choose to venture that way.  

A friend of mine told me tonight that the Year of the Dragon has been rough on a lot of people, but it's almost over.  The Year of the Snake will arrive on February 4th or the 10th, depending on who you ask (Chinese New Year's Day is on the 10th, but the astrological calendar implies it really starts on the 4th - this is as confusing as Chanukah), and many people hope for better fortune.  From what I've read, the year is supposed to be influenced by the snake's personality:  hard work, discipline, focus and peaceful solitude.  If that is the case, it isn't a bad deal.  I've also read that Snake and Dragon are supposed to balance each other...I'd like to think that means that this past year being total crap will lead to a year of balancing that out with some bliss.  Of course, in the end I believe we make our own happiness, but as I would benefit from focus, discipline and solitude, I'll take ol' Snakey for a motivational mascot.

A Note of Eternal Gratitude:  To Jess, Cristian, Anne, Meg, Jenn, Kath, Mary, Laura, Stacey and Jessie for making my holidays and the new year noticeably brighter.


  1. Very cool info. I hope it is a better year for all. Have a Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you, Winnie. Just checked out your site - I got such a kick out of that fruitcake stamp: http://winniesinkyfingers.blogspot.com/2012/12/ornament-christmas-cards.html. I'm going to add another goal to my list, inspired by you...


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